PlanQK is now a member of GAIA-X

StoneOne AG has now joined the European GAIA-X initiative for a trusted data infrastructure on behalf of the PlanQK consortium. In GAIA-X, initial activities for the future use of quantum computers have already been set up. PlanQK, as the German lighthouse project for quantum-assisted artificial intelligence, will focus primarily on the secure use of the new quantum technology by medium-sized companies.

GAIA-X is intended to ensure a secure and networked European data infrastructure for more digital sovereignty and innovation. Representatives from business, science and administration from Germany and France are involved in numerous projects and working groups across all sectors, such as agriculture, energy, industry, mobility and health, together with other, predominantly European partners. Through GAIA-X, various elements are to be interconnected via open interfaces, standards and certificates in order to link data in a customer- or industry-specific manner. In addition to large industrial companies, small and medium-sized enterprises should also benefit from market transparency, broad access to customized offers and the resulting options for action. 

A sovereign cloud infrastructure, which will also play a decisive role for the future use of quantum computers, plays an essential role here; think „quantum computing as a service“. In the next few years, very expensive quantum computers will only be economically viable for small and medium-sized enterprises via cloud offerings. And when it comes to sensitive data and data exchange, both reliable standards and security play a decisive role. Who wants to venture into potentially insecure territory when developing new products or using them in business-critical processes? In the GAIA-X ecosystem, on the other hand, users can rely on binding framework conditions and trustworthy providers and operators.

Against this background, the PlanQK consortium has also decided to further develop the platform and its own ecosystem in the GAIA-X context and to bring it in line with the relevant criteria, such as openness, transparency and standardization. PlanQK is all about making it as easy as possible for companies and public institutions to access the very cost-intensive and complex QC hardware, including algorithms and applications, without losing sight of the security aspects. The advantages are obvious; otherwise, medium-sized companies would not be able to make the connection to the ground-breaking quantum technology at all.

In the 30 or so use cases deployed at PlanQK, many application areas are predestined for GAIA-X.  The diverse scenarios involve, for example, data analysis with the help of AI and simulations for the representation of climate or traffic models, scenarios with high complexity and high data volumes, such as in the financial sector for the detection of fraud scenarios, or even in the particularly sensitive healthcare sector. The deployment of such use cases therefore strongly benefits from GAIA-X compliant conditions. And already in the next few years, when quantum computers can actually be used productively, hundreds of applications are expected to be added.